Please choose the tournament you want to participate

3-7 May 2018

Government Tournament


Open for Police Officers, Fire fighters, Custom Officers, Military Personal, Tax Officers, Personnel of the Ministry of Interior, state, provincial or municipal employees, staff from the various ministries, and special invitations by the organization.

3-7 May & 10-14 May 2018

Amateur Tournaments


Mallorca amateur football tournament open to associated, non-associated & leisure (league) football teams from all over the world.

10-14 May 2018

Walking Football


Mallorca walking  football tournament is open to all walking football teams (m/w).


Important for captains


Dear Team Captain,

Please fill in the rooming list and flight details for your team.
This information must be sent in the form provided and emailed to
If you have any questions, then please contact Gabriela Gatin from Viajes Adramar.

Thank you