Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony

  • The official opening ceremonies are taking place on thursdays before all tournaments.
Presentation Contest

Team presentation contest

  • During the Mallorca Football Tournament the organization will organize a contest for the best team & fan presentation during the opening ceremony. We will judge both the football team and the accompanying fans on the stands. With the best team presentation we mean: Presentation of the football team during the official opening on the Thursaday evenings when presenting themselves.
Opening Party

Opening party

  • Thursdays from 21h on openings party with a professional DJ.
Manhattan Disco pub
Everyday Party

Every day party

  • During the tournaments there will be a lot of entertainment. As on all Thursdays and sundays there will be party on the sports complex. On the other days Santa Ponsa offers a lot of locations like the Manhatten bar - where most of the participants meet.
Theme Party

Theme party

  • On all Sundays we invite you to a fantastic theme party.
Closing Ceremony

Closing ceremony

  • After the final matches on the Sundays you are invited to the closing ceremony to celebrate the winners.
Final Party

Final party

  • After the closing ceremony we organise the final party with a professional DJ on the sports complex.
Theme Party 2018

Theme Party

  • The topic in the 2018 tournaments will be "wild west"